Cardinal and ordinal numbers in English

1.Cardinal numbers

Whole numbers also known as cardinal numbers.


There are six books on the table.
Alinda is two years old.

1.1. Numbers bigger than 20

Use a hyphen between compound numbers.
Symbol Word
25 twenty-five
63 sixty-three
89 eighty-nine

1.2. Numbers bigger than 100

Use a hyphen between compound numbers and the word and.
Use either the definite article a or one for 100.
Symbol Word
143 a/one hundred and fourty-three
562 five hundred and sixty-two
In American English and is mostly not used.

1.3.Numbers bigger than 1,000

Symbol Word
1,245 a/one thousand and two hundred and fourty-five
4,783 four thousand and seven hundred and eighty-three
In American English and is mostly not used.

1.4. The number 0

Word When we use it For example
zero in temperature -20 °C = "20 degrees below zero"
nought figure 0 in British English 6 - 6 = 0 Five minus five leaves nought.
oh after a decimal point, in phone numbers, in years 7.01 = "seven point oh one"
nil in sport Galatasaray 1 - Manchester United 0 = "Galatasaray one Manchester United nil"
love in tennis 40 - 0 = "Fourty love."

1.5. Year

Symbol Word
1800 eighteen hundred
1803 eighteen hundred (and) one
eighteen oh-three
1985 nineteen hundred eighty-five
2000 two thousand
twenty hundred
2007 two thousand (and) seven
twenty oh-seven
2025 two thousand (and) twenty-five
twenty twenty-five

2. Ordinal numbers

Used for ranking.
In figures In Words
1st first
2nd second
3rd third
5th fifth
8th eighth
9th ninth
12th twelfth
20th twentieth
21st twenty-first
22nd twenty-second
23rd twenty-third
24th twenty-fourth
25th twenty-fifth
26th twenty-sixth

3. Fractions

In figures In Words
1/8 One eighth
1/5 One fifth
1/3 One third
2/3 Two third
1/4 One quarter
3/4 Three quarters
1/2 One half

4. Decimals

4.9 → four point nine
3.57 → three point five seven

5. Sums

Symbols Words
+ Plus (And)
- Minus (Take away)
x Multiplied by (Times)
/ Divided by
= Equals (Is)
% Percent
. Point
  • Two plus eight minus four multiplied by two divided by three equals four
  • Two and eight take away four times two divided by three is four
  • (((2 + 8) - 4) x 2) ÷ 3 = 4